How to Download Podcast on iOS or Android?

Podcasts refer to the downloadable series of audio or video files that can be listened in offline mode. An ordinary user, after taking the subscription of it, can download the daily update of a continuous series. The file is generally in audio format, but sometimes it consists of PDF or video file also. The very concept of Podcast is inherited from the popularity of an Apple product iPod. The subscriber of the podcast stores all files in a commonly accessible file on a server in the form of a web feed which can be accessed through the Internet. A user or a subscriber can use that chunk of data or stored file through application software. Podcast apps are working on the client side by which an ordinary user can download the file from subscriber’s server. They can check the update, and get a notification in case of any new entry in the play chart.

How to choose a proper podcasting application?

A good podcasting app generally provides two basic facilities. First, it must contain a rich set of audio/video files and second it makes the listening easy. The easy to use and smooth layout is the additional feature that should be in a podcasting application.

The app which provides a subscription for whole podcasting rather than for an individual episode or playlist is treated as good podcasting software.

How to download podcasts?

If a podcasting app is installed in your system. Then the user needs to follow some fundamental steps to download a file from the subscriber’s server.

•    First of all, subscribe to a podcast. For this, you have to click on the + (plus) sign in front of that podcast.

•    After subscribing to a podcast, the installed app will automatically alert you whenever a new file is uploaded by podcasted for download. It will facilitate you to download a new file manually.

•    To download any file, you need to go to the download button or play button which present in front of the newly added file or episode.

•    You can perform a various operation like shorting or customizing your downloads, managing your downloads by clicking on the three dots which represents an operation menu.

•    Many subscribers (podcatchers) facilitate automatic download.  You can limit it to a specific podcast or playlist or turn it to the manual mode of download. For this, you need to go to setting and twist the configuration according to your requirements.

Subscribers (podcatchers) make downloading of a podcast or playlist or an individual file from the podcast easy and smooth in comparison to the older mode of downloading.

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