How to Delete Window.old Folder from Windows 10

What is Window.old Folder?

Just like its name, ‘Window.old’ folder is the folder which contains data from the old Windows, it does not have any new data or information from New Windows. ‘Window.old’ Folder located into the drive where you’ve installed your old Windows. This folder will create whenever you upgrade your OS from one version to another new version. This folder contains your previous Windows files and data. Window.old folder occupies a massive space in your drive.

Sometimes, there may be more than one ‘Window.old.’ Folders will be in which takes a large place into your local disk. And since, it is not usually needed anymore, you can remove it. If you have very little space in your device, then it’s better to remove these folders from your drive and make storage for your new data.

There is one use of Window.old folder and it is that you can use it to restore your system to your old version of Windows from new upgrade Windows if you don’t like the latest version.

How to Delete Window.old folder from your drive?

If you have tried to delete the Windows.old folder, then it will not remove and an error message will crop-up. No matter how many times you attempt to delete it,  it will show you an error message ‘as the folder associated with SYSTEM and not a user or administrator account.’ It always shows you access denied issue when you are trying to delete this folder manually; you can avoid this by using the cleanup tool.

If you want to delete Windows.old. Folder from your system, make sure that it does not contain any files or data which you may still need, such as fonts, or any other type of essential files.

Steps for deleting ‘Window.old.’ folder by using the Disk Cleanup tool;

  1.    Download and installed Disk cleanup tool.
  2.    Tap Windows +E button.
  3.    Click on This PC.
  4.    Right click on the drive with window installation.
  5.    Click on properties.
  6.    Choose Disk Cleanup>select Cleanup system.
  7.    Select Previous Window Installations.
  8.    You can also select the other installation files include ‘Window upgrade log files’ etc.
  9.    Tap ‘OK’ and then ‘Delete Files.’
  10.    Click ‘Yes.’

Now, your Window.old folder will be removed from your disk drive easily. As a result, you will get more storage space on your system.

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