Apple Final Cut X update has allowed third-party apps and services

Apple Final Cut Pro X Update is a new update that now has allowed the users to use third-party applications and services inside the software in conjunction with many new features. It is a brand new update for professional video editing software – Final Cut Pro X.

Now, this update is going to allow users to use third-party apps and services. The update is currently available for the consumers to download. You can download it from the Mac App Store. Final Cut Pro X is available at a reasonable price on the app store.

The company has declared that all the third-party Workflow extensions match the look of Final Cut Pro and put themselves directly together into the app. This also lets video editors drag their media directly into libraries and sync playback between the third-party extensions and timeline simultaneously.

These new third-party Workflow extensions contain review and approval including, stock footage browsing and getting with Shutter-stock and management of media asset with CatDV. If you want, you can download all these Workflow extensions free of cost from the Mac App Store straight away. Apple stated that they would be increasing the number of third-party extensions for Final Cut Pro in coming times.

Apple’s motion graphics companion has also been updated to the Final Cut Pro, dubbed Motion bringing a right set of color-grading custom LUTs and tools. Therefore, the advanced encoding companion, Compressor has now been featured with support for a 64-bit engine; it will allow the software to use all of your Mac memory for offering a much better output.

Also, the Motion and Compressor companion apps can be purchased on the Mac App Store with good deals, respectively. However, the users who have already purchased this software can head to the App Store and simply get the free update.

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