Tooth replacement options

There are several reasons you can lose your teeth permanently; this includes accidents and other dental issues. While you should not be ashamed of missing teeth, this defect can really affect you in many ways. Having missing teeth affect the aesthetics of how you speak and smile, making you lower your self-esteem.

However, the good news is that it’s possible to get tooth replacement despite one or more teeth for one reason or another. Here are common tooth replacement options available for you.


A dental implant is a typical method where every option of tooth replacement is judged. This implant is more stable, has a longer lifespan, and looks more natural than any other available option. It also stimulates the born underneath the teeth to prevent facial changes occurring.


It’s a common tooth replacement option in the situation where teeth get damaged deliberately. The healthy tooth at the edge of the space is smoothed before implanting the bridge across it to support the crown. The bone left beneath the tooth-supported bridge deteriorates gradually with nothing left to stimulate it, hence alter your way of smiling.


Partial denture intends to bring comfort and teeth stability. Although this option impacts your way of speaking and the type of food you eat, it gradually brings back a pleasant smile on your face.


The bridge is made of a metal or porcelain placed on a bridge and then bonded perfectly to the existing teeth. Although the bridge doesn’t last long, it’s much better than the partial dentures.


Complete dentures are one of the cheap tooth replacement alternatives. However, the replacing cost quickly adds up. The only shortcoming about these dentures is that it can click when you eat, speak, cough, or laugh. A patient can also find discomfort and sometimes affect the taste of food, but it is still an effective way to correct the defect.

Therefore, when choosing the best tooth replacement options, consider the above alternatives based on your budget and your need