Important Points About Pain That Is Associated With Dental Implants

There are many reasons that patients decide to get dental implants when they have lost teeth. They are a more permanent and aesthetically pleasing option than choosing dentures and feel much more like natural teeth. Many of the negative points associated with dentures can be avoided by getting dental implants instead. With this said, it is expected that dental patients will want to know about dental implant pain and how much of this that they should expect. These are some of the main points that patients should understand related to the topic of pain that is associated with dental implants.

Most Patients Claim Discomfort Rather Than Pain After Undergoing the Procedure

It is important to note that a patient should not feel any pain at all during the actual procedure of getting dental implants. Anesthesia will be administered that should prevent any unpleasant pain during the actual process of putting the implants in. It is the time after the dental implants are placed that is often associated with some level of discomfort. One thing that is important to note is that most patients do describe what happens after the procedure as being discomfort rather than actual pain. One should expect to feel some tenderness in the mouth after the effects of the anesthesia wear off and some discomfort. This can generally be managed by simple over the counter pain relievers.

Some Key Steps Can Be Taken to Minimize Pain and Discomfort

There are some key steps that a dental implant patient can take to minimize their level of discomfort after undergoing the procedure. These steps include avoiding the use of straws and staying away from hot foods for a few days afterward. Many also choose to simply go with a liquid diet for the first couple of days after they get implants. Those that smoke should also do their best to avoid doing so for at least three days after their procedure. These are a few of the steps that can help to mitigate the discomfort of getting dental implants. It is important to note that most patients do not report significant dental implant pain and discomfort that is overly difficult to manage after they have this procedure done.