Author: Zvi

Tooth replacement options

There are several reasons you can lose your teeth permanently; this includes accidents and other dental issues. While you should not be ashamed of missing teeth, this defect can really affect you in many ways. Having missing teeth affect the aesthetics of how you speak and smile, making you lower your self-esteem. However, the good […]

Dental Implant Company

Dental implant companies produce all components used in the dental implant procedure. Various innovations from dental companies aim at improving products in the market. Nanotechnology is one of the innovations that most of these companies have adopted in their implant surface design. The good thing about nanotechnology is the ability to reduce healing time by […]

Dental Implants

If a person is wearing dental implants it is important that they take care of them. To help a person take care of their dentures there are some tips for care that they should follow. Do Not SmokeThis is a habit that is not only bad for a person’s health but bad for their dentures […]